Our profile

"Our education sets the tone!

  • Developing children according to each child's abilities
  • Outcome-oriented work, striving for appropriate results for each child
  • Providing structure and clarity within the school's approach as a whole
  • Fun, enthusiasm, and humor with the aim of working together in a relaxed manner
  • Consistent, warm, and friendly, because we believe that a good atmosphere is important at school
  • Grade-based system, aiming for a few groups each year
  • The Peaceful School lays the foundation for safety and security within our school
  • Catholic school that also pays attention to other beliefs
  • Art & Culture profile, with a focus on Art & Culture

Children and parents you encounter in the neighborhood are also warmly welcome within. The JazzSingel also engages with the community. This way, we contribute to making the neighborhood a seamless combination of living, playing, and going to school for children.

The neighborhood park around our schoolyard is one such example. We consider it important for children to grow up in a positive environment where people know each other and treat each other with respect.