Our education

We work efficiently, analyze and interpret the outcomes of our education, and focus on the children's good learning achievements. In the classrooms, a task-oriented working atmosphere is created, and we tailor the curriculum to the needs and capabilities of each child.


The teachers are ambitious and follow the method of 'effective instruction' using current teaching methods. They provide space and attention to the children. Independence, self-reliance, and responsibility of the child are the foundation. Children partly correct their own work; they take responsibility for their work, immediately see what went well, what could be improved, and where further assistance is needed.

Room to develop talents

We start with consciously high expectations for every child. Talents have room to develop with us, so that each child can excel in their own way. From the classrooms, we offer our children a clear structure in the learning process. We detect early cognitive or socio-emotional differences and respond accordingly. Of course, all in collaboration with parents.

As a school, we have an art and culture profile. Within our profile, we work with a fixed curriculum. Emphasis on art.

The Peaceful School

Joy is a prerequisite for learning, for both children and teachers. A safe climate (warm and consistent) contributes to this. We resolve conflicts, respect differences, give each other space, and 'understand' each other. For this purpose, we use the 'Peaceful School' method.


KBS De JazzSingel works with continuity, both in terms of curriculum and organization. Continuity is important to ensure that we work the same way within the school and across the groups. Structures are consistent everywhere, and groups/teachers are aware of each other's curriculum.