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Children up to 4 years old 

The enrollment process for primary schools in Utrecht is centralized for children born after October 1, 2018. More information about this can be found on

Almost all primary schools in Utrecht and the municipality of Utrecht have agreed upon this new enrollment method. Our school is also part of this process.

After a tour of De JazzSingel, you can digitally enroll your child in the quarter in which they turn three years old. If you are late and your child is not yet four years old, still enroll them digitally through the same website. The municipality will then try to find a spot for them. You can sign up here for a tour.

In principle, parents can choose any school in Utrecht for their child. Every child in Utrecht is given priority for the four nearest schools (the priority schools). All children have an equal chance of getting into the school of their choice in a fair situation. If there are more applications than spots available in a quarter, the municipality will conduct a lottery. Our school has no influence or insight into this procedure. You can contact the municipality if you have questions about it.

Most children celebrate their fourth birthday at a daycare or at home. They start school the day after their birthday. Two months before your child turns 4, the teacher assigned to your child will contact you. An intake interview will be scheduled, and you will bring your child to school for further introduction. During the intake interview, settling-in moments will also be discussed.

Children who turn four up to four weeks before the summer vacation are welcome right after this vacation. We do this because the lower grade classes are at maximum capacity towards the end of the school year, the composition of the groups changes after the summer vacation, and many extra activities are planned during that busy period of the school year.

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Transition from 4 to 12 years old

The KSU schools in Leidsche Rijn provide education to your child based on their Catholic identity and their school-specific profile (such as culture, science and technology, bilingual). As a parent or guardian, you've made a thoughtful choice for one of our schools. Sometimes, the situation arises where parents or guardians want to change schools and enroll their child in a different KSU school. Our principle is that students should generally remain at the school they've chosen. Therefore, we only accept transfers from each other if there is a compelling reason. In such cases, the directors discuss the specific situation and come to a mutually beneficial solution for your child.

After a tour of De JazzSingel, you can digitally enroll your child. You can sign up here for a tour. For enrollment of students switching schools (children who are enrolled in another school but wish to transfer), we follow clear steps:

1. Check for physical availability.
2. Introduction to parents.
3. Gathering information from the school of origin.
4. Internal discussion regarding placement: the central question is whether we can provide the child with the necessary care within the group.
5. Internal decision is communicated to parents.

Starting eight weeks before the summer vacation, we no longer process new applications for the following school year. You can contact the student administration to enroll your child for transition.

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Do you believe your child requires special support? 

 Discuss this during the orientation conversation with one of our internal counselors. If we are unable to provide this support and we are the first school of application, we will, in consultation with you, search for another school for your child. You can also seek assistance in finding suitable education. It is in everyone's interest to be honest in expectations toward each other and to ensure the best possible development for your child.