Parental involvement

At KBS De JazzSingel, we consider it important to involve parents in the school community. We see a clear partnership between parents and the school. Parents can be engaged in various ways:

Involvement in their child(ren)'s development: Three times a year during fixed periods, there are scheduled meetings with the teacher, and additional meetings can be arranged as needed.
Involvement in school activities: Parents can participate in our Activities Committee (AC), a group of enthusiastic parents who help generate and organize activities for all children.
Involvement in school developments and policies: Parents can stand for election to our Participation Council (MR). In the MR, parents can contribute ideas and decisions about school policies.
Furthermore, parents are always welcome to visit the school. We regularly invite parents to attend school activities. Specific coffee mornings are also organized for parents to provide insight into important school topics.

The Activities Committee (AC)

The Activities Committee (AC) organizes various activities at school, often in collaboration with the school staff. These activities are funded through the parental contribution. Activities include school trips, Children's Book Week, Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas), Christmas, Carnival, Easter, King's Games, charity runs, the four-day evening walking event, and the summer festival.

The AC operates based on a budget, with each activity allocated a specific amount. At the end of each school year, the AC prepares an annual report that includes a financial accountability.

For most activities, we seek volunteer parents. If you'd like to help or have a great idea, you're always welcome to sign up!

The Activities Committee (AC) contact