Emphasis on art

"As a school, we have an art and culture profile. Within our profile, we work with a fixed curriculum. In addition to the fixed curriculum, there is room for a variable curriculum each year. The goal is for children to leave the school at the end of grade 8 with sufficient knowledge and awareness focused on art and culture.

Our fixed curriculum:

  1. Our teaching kits from KOPA (organization for art and cultural education) form the continuous line within our school. Each school year, we work on 4 visual arts teaching kits and 1 music teaching kit. We spend 5 weeks on each kit. We communicate about this with parents through Social Schools. Additionally, we organize 'exhibitions and viewing moments.'
  2. Every school year, a themed month takes place in March. Every other year, there is a theater performance linked to the theme. The theater performance is provided by 'Nieuw Utrechts Toneel,' a company with which we collaborate as a school. In the alternate years, we organize a corresponding activity ourselves, such as dance or music.
  3. Every group visits a museum annually. By the end of grade 8, the children will have seen 8 different museums during their school career. Lessons are linked to the visit and are taught before and after the visit.
  4. Every other year, each kindergarten group performs a kindergarten musical.

Other activities focused on Art & Culture that are organized are part of our variable curriculum."