The Peaceful School

"We are a Peaceful School. This means that we strive for children to interact with each other in a positive and caring manner. We do this from a democratic approach, where it's important that everyone has a voice. We treat each other with respect and are open to the differences that exist among children. We teach children to handle conflicts, to empathize with others, so that they can resolve these conflicts in a positive way themselves. We aim to create an environment where all children, as well as teachers, parents, and visitors of our school, feel safe, heard, and seen. To achieve this, there is active communication towards parents and interested parties about The Peaceful School.

In our Peaceful School:

  • The Constitution is the basis on which everything is built. We expect everyone involved with the school (staff, parents, children, external parties, etc.) to adhere to the rules of the Constitution.
  • We consider each other and treat each other with respect.
  • We maintain a good balance between individual freedom on one hand and responsibility and social involvement on the other.
  • We resolve conflicts, with student mediators playing a significant role at our school. Student mediators are specially trained to mediate and guide conflicts between children.
  • We feel responsible and speak the same Peaceful language.
  • We have an active student council that amplifies the children's voices.
  • We give each other positive feedback to acknowledge the positives."