Participation council

"Like every school, De Jazzsingel has a participation council (MR). The MR has authority over many matters related to the school.

The Law on Participation in Schools (established in 2007, latest version 2021) and the Regulations on Participation determine the activities and rights of the MR. The key points are:

Everyone is given the opportunity to express their interests. All parties can present and, if necessary, defend their viewpoints. There is transparency, both within the MR and towards the school. The MR at De Jazzsingel is allowed to discuss all topics concerning the school with the school management. This allows the MR to provide its opinion on policy proposals, the direction the school board intends to take, and the actions associated with them. Additionally, the MR can propose its own ideas. Depending on the topic, the MR has the following rights:

Right of consent: The MR's approval is required for decisions such as determining the school plan, the complaints procedure. Right of advice: The MR can provide advice on matters like the holiday schedule, the appointment and duties of the principal, new construction, or significant renovations of the school. Right of initiative: The MR can propose ideas on its own, with or without input from parents. Right to information: The school leader discusses daily school matters with the MR at least twice a year. The MR consists of 6 members divided into 2 groups of 3 people. On one hand, we have representatives of the parents (the parent section), and on the other hand, there are staff members (the staff section). All parents and staff members can put themselves forward for the MR when elections take place. Our MR meets about 8 times a year, and these meetings are open to everyone. The meeting dates and minutes for the current school year can be found on Social Schools.

In the 2022/2023 school year, three of the current members left the MR, two due to the expiration of their terms and one due to personal reasons. As a result, 3 new members joined, one in the parent section and 2 teachers were added to the staff section.

Participation Council

Mark Waterreus


Sjoerd van der Leest


Hakan Ugurlu


Sofia van der Grinten


Veerle Erkens


Marieke Siljee


Participation Council contact

For questions, comments, or information, feel free to email us or approach any of our members on the schoolyard.